Raymond's Aircraft Restoration BV

Fournier RF-4D OO-JLB

The Fournier RF-4D was the first ever mass-produced motor-glider. Designed in the early 1960s by a French artist, musician, and sculptor Rene Fournier, as his personal high-efficiency aeroplane, it was refined in stages before going into production in Germany, where around 250 were built in the late 1960s.

The fabric-covered airframe is entirely built of wood, mildly aerobatic and remarkably strong, being designed to withstand 13g, and tested to 13.8g.

The restoration of this airplane was done completely by RAR:
  • Fabric covering of wings
  • Fabric covering of fuselage
  • Instrument panel design

Manufacturer:  Fournier
Type/Model: RF-4D
Registration: OO-JLB
Engine: Rectimo 4 AR 1200 (VW) air-cooled flat-four piston engine
Horsepower:  29 kW (39 hp)
Cruise Speed:  180 km/h (110 mph, 96 kn)
No. crew/passengers: 1 pilot

Restoration 100%