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Tipsy T.66 Nipper Mk.II - OO-LEO

The Tipsy Nipper T.66 is an aerobatic light aircraft, developed in 1952 by Ernest Oscar Tips of Avions Fairey at Gosselies in Belgium. It was designed to be easy to fly, cheap to buy and cheap to maintain. It was designed for both factory production and homebuild. “Nipper” was the nickname of Ernest Tips’ first grandchild. The first aircraft flew on 12 December 1957, with test pilot Bernard Neefs. It featured an open cockpit and had a length of 4.56 m (15.0 ft), a span of 6.0 m (19.7 ft) and a range of 400 km (249 mi), extendable with tip tanks to 720 km (447 mi)

The restoration of this airplane was done completely by RAR:
  • Fabric covering of wings
  • Fabric covering of fuselage
  • Instrument panel design

Manufacturer: Tipsy
Type/Model: T.66 Nipper
Mark: Mk.II
First Flight: 1950
Registration: OO-LEO
Engine: Jabiru 2200
Horsepower: 80 hp
Cruise Speed:
No. crew/passengers:
1 pilot

Restoration 100%